The Physician Coaching Institute was initially founded in 2003 by physician coach and pioneer, Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE, as the Physician Leadership Coaching Institute. Although the Institute as expanded and evolved, our mission remains the same:

To catalyze change and innovation in healthcare

We achieve that mission by:

  • Educating the healthcare community about the value of professional coaching
  • Increasing the number of coaches who can expertly coach physicians and healthcare teams
  • Serving as the creative center for healthcare coaching best practices and future vision

If you are a beginning or experienced coach, the Physician Coaching Institute offers an excellent avenue for you to expand your expertise and build your practice within healthcare through the Advanced Certification Program, which leads to the “Certified Physician Development Coach” credential. Click here to learn more

If you are a physician, healthcare executive or team member looking for a coach to work with, the Physician Coaching Institute members are professionals with extensive experience. Explore our directory of coaching professionals, and also browse through the articles our coaches have published.

If you are a healthcare  learning officer seeking ways to elevate your physician leadership training with powerful coaching skills, consider having our coach trainers come to your site to train your staff on THE #1 skill that will truly transform the tenor and culture of your organization:  the coaching conversation.  Please explore our new on-site program,  “Essentials of Coaching for Physician and Healthcare Leaders.”



Francine R, Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
Founder and Executive Director of the Physician Coaching Institute