Earn an ICF Coaching Credential

The Physician Coaching Institute has passed the rigorous International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation process and has earned the designation of a Level 1 coach education provider. Our students can earn over 90 coach education hours, receive 10 hours of mentor coaching, and are equipped to pass the Performance Evaluation.  Once they accumulate the requisite client hours, our graduates have a streamlined path to formally apply for the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.  However, it’s not only emerging coaches who join our cohorts; we’ve had many students who already have an ICF ACC or PCC credential, and want to learn physician-specific coaching processes and structures. 

Our current graduates apply for an ICF coaching credential through the ICF Level 1 Path

The ICF has several application paths for earning an ICF coaching credential. All paths have the same application requirements: 1) You must have earned the required coaching-specific training hours from an ICF-approved school; 2) you must have the required Client Experience hours; 3) you must have received the required mentor coaching hours; and 4) you must pass the ICF exams (Knowledge and Performance).

Graduates of our current (2024 and later) Certified Physician Development Coach Pathway to Excellence program use the ICF Level 1 Path for their application.  The majority of our graduates will apply for the ICF’s first level, the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential  Some of our students, however, already hold an ICF ACC or PCC coach credential when they enroll in a cohort; these individuals can use their coach education hours towards the next higher ICF coaching credential using the portfolio path.

What we appreciate about our approach is that we do not limit enrollment in our Certified Physician Development Coach Pathway to Excellent program to only novice coaches.  While most of our students are indeed newer to coaching, we always have a few coaches in each cohort who have been coaching longer and now want to develop deeper expertise in coaching physicians and clinicians.

The Physician Coaching Institute is proud to be Accredited by the International Coach Federation since 2008. Please follow this link to view our listing on the ICF website.


How does PCI Prepare You for your ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential?

Example below is for the ICF Associate Certified Coach credential:

Earning the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential

ICF Application Requirements for the ACC credential:Physician Coaching Institute support:Comments:
60 hours coaching-specific training approved by the ICFEarn up to 98 ICF-approved coaching-specific training hours- 15 hours from Healthcare Peer Coaching Fundamentals
- 83 hours from Certified Physician Development Coach
10 Hours Mentor Coaching10 Hours Mentor Coaching:
- 7 hours group Mentor Coaching
- 3 hours individual Mentor Coaching
PCI Mentors are PCC and MCC credentialed coaches
Knowledge ExamCore competencies Discussion, Case Studies review, and Ethics ModulePCI Graduate and PCC coach is a PCI Knowledge Exam Mentor
Performance ExamStudents who pass our Performance Evaluation earn the ICF Level 1 CertificatePCI Senior Mentors are designated Assessors who have completed the rigorous ICF PCC Marker Assessor Training
100 Experience hoursPCI arranges coaching circles for graduatesMost grads who are active with coaching after graduation will accumulate the client hours within 12 -18 months

The first tier of our Certified Physician Development Coach Pathway to Excellence is our 2-day Healthcare Peer Coaching Fundamentals (“Foundation”) which provides foundational coaching skills to individual healthcare team members; it also prepares them to advance to the second tier, the Certified Physician Development Coach (“Mastery”) training.  The Certified Physician Development Coach is a 6-month learning journey with your cohort of like-minded clinicians and non-clinician healthcare professionals.  The cohort hones their coaching skills as they also learn research-supported processes and structures to support physicians.  The third tier is Pathway to Excellence, passing the formal Performance Evaluation and earning the Level 1 Certificate.

Certified Physician Development Coach™

Our flagship advanced training leads to the Certified Physician Development Coach™ credential.   This comprehensive 6-month program prepares participants to coach physicians through a range of issues including work-life balance, career fulfillment, burnout, resilience, leadership, career transition, entrepreneurship, and communication.

  • Training delivery: 2-day Kickoff, followed by 6 months live webinars, concluding with 2-day Capstone
  • (All training is being conducted live online via Zoom)
  • Training dates:  Two cohorts train each year, starting in the Fall and then the Spring
  • Eligible participants:  Individual healthcare professionals, clinicians, non-clinicians, healthcare executives, coaches, therapists
  • Prerequisite: Coaching Fundamentals coach-specific training 15+ hours from an ICF-accredited coaching school (see our Healthcare Peer Coaching Fundamentals below which meets this prerequisite)
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Coaching-specific training hours earned: 80

Healthcare Peer Coaching Fundamentals™

The Physician Coaching Institute is pleased to offer coaching fundamentals training for healthcare team members who want to learn professional coaching basics they can use for peer coaching right away in their organization or community.   The first step in our coach training pathway, this training also enables participants to explore coaching before committing to advanced level training.  This immersive  2-day live online course teaches foundational-level coaching competencies aligned with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and qualifies for ICF-approved training hours.   Completion of the course  meets the prerequisite for joining our advanced mastery-level Certified Physician Development Coach™ training.

  • Training delivery:  2-days live virtual training via Zoom
  • Four training events a year in 2023 (will increase to 6 in 2024)
  • Eligible participants:  Individual healthcare professionals, clinician and non-clinician
  • Prerequisite: None
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)  coaching-specific training hours earned: 15

Certified Healthcare Leader Peer Coach™

Created in response to the challenges clinical leaders face in inspiring team engagement as well as retaining high-potential team members, this 3-month Certified Healthcare Leader Peer Coach program trains a cadre of 12 or more leaders from a single organization.  The objective of the program is to equip leaders with coaching competencies and emotional intelligence skills that can improve morale, promote engagement, and foster inclusion. Developing an internal cohort of “leaders as coaches” is vital to building a culture of coaching.

  • Training delivery:  2-day Kickoff, followed by 3 months of live webinars; concluding with 1-day Capstone
  • (Note: Kickoff and Capstone are conducted virtually during the COVID pandemic)
  • Next training dates:  Training is arranged directly with the individual organization
  • Eligible participants: Healthcare leaders, clinicians and non-clinicians — from a single organization
  • Prerequisite: None
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) training hours earned: 28

The Physician Coaching Institute is Accredited by the International Coaching Federation