Become a Certified Physician Development Coach™

Our goal is to equip coaches with advanced coaching concepts and tools–whether you are internal to your healthcare system or an external coachto more expertly address the challenges facing physicians.   We are proud that our curriculum has evolved over the past fifteen years to reflect not only changes in healthcare that impact physicians, but also…who’s becoming a coach! Health systems are taking note that professional coaching is a must-have resource for their physicians in order to foster well-being and resilience—-and there are now research studies and field studies to back that up. It is truly gratifying to hear from our coach graduates and learn about the impact  they are having with physicians in their community.” 

— Dr. Francine Gaillour, Founder and Executive Director, Physician Coaching Institute

Program Overview

The Physician Coaching Institute (PCI) offers an advanced coach training experience, providing participants with specialized coaching concepts, structures and tools to enhance their expertise in the field of physician coaching. A 6-month learning journey, the PCI’s Certified Physician Development Coach training is open to clinical and non-clinical coaches and consultants who have already attained a foundational level of coach training or experience. On completion of the training, the coach earns the Certified Physician Development Coach™ credential offered exclusively by the Physician Coaching Institute. Certification is a demonstration of commitment to the field of coaching in healthcare and the desire to be a catalyst for transformation.

Physician Coaching Institute participants are a remarkably accomplished and diverse group that may include professional coaches, healthcare C-suite executives, HR executives, physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, mental health professionals, and non-healthcare industry executives. Eighty percent of PCI members have at least Masters level education, with many at the PhD and Doctorate level. Participants who enter a PCI cohort might be serving as an internal coach to their organization, as an entrepreneur coach with their own practice, as a training or development professional, or perhaps as a practicing clinician who has discovered coaching as a new career chapter.

 The Physician Coaching Institute was founded in 2004 by Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE, PCC. Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Gaillour spent over 18 years as a practicing physician, then healthcare IT executive, before discovering coaching as a key to transforming healthcare. Her coaching education encompasses a broad spectrum of individual and team development from the Academy of Coach Training, the Graduate School of Corporate Coaching, the Center for Appreciative Inquiry, and the Effective Facilitator program. A respected physician leader, Dr. Gaillour is a Fellow of the American Association of Physician Leaders (AAPL) and has earned the Certified Physician Executive as well as the Healthcare IT Leadership Certificate from the AAPL.

Curriculum and Coaching Proficiency Areas

The Physician Coaching Institute’s Certified Physician Development Coach™ Training Program consists of twenty Learning Modules across six Proficiency Areas: fourteen Modules devoted to Advanced Coaching Concepts and Tools for coaching physicians and six Modules devoted to Coaching Practice Development.  (see tale below)

Each Learning Module consists of a live, interactive Learning Experience, delivered either at the initial on-site Kickoff or via webinar. Relevant Reading Resources and Action Plans accompany each module. Coaching skills practice and enrichment projects round out the learning process; the graduation requirements are outlined in the PCI Proficiency Portfolio.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has approved the PCI Program for 60 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE):  48 hours in Core Competency category and an additional 12 hours in Coaching Resource category.

Program Delivery Format:

The training cohort begins the learning journey with a 2-day on-site Kickoff in Seattle, WA. Workshop style, the Kick-off provides an opportunity for immersive advanced coaching skills practice facilitated by Dr. Gaillour along with co-faculty Amorah Ross, Master Certified Coach and Certified Mentor Coach. The on-site Kick-off also serves as a forum to build collegiality and co-create trust among cohort members. Following the in-person Kick-off, the cohort meets twice a month by live video conference webinars as a group over the next six months for regularly scheduled modules. Cohort members  arrange their assigned buddy coaching sessions and field work in between modules. Midway through the program are Mid-Term Mentor Coach Session for  intensive review of coaching competencies, co-facilitated by Amorah Ross, MCC.  We conclude our training journey with a 2-day on-site Graduation Capstone and Enrichment Project presentations.


Advanced Levels of Coaching Proficiency

The Certified Physician Development Coach™ Training Program consists of twenty Learning Modules across six Physician Coaching Proficiency Areas: fourteen modules are devoted to Advanced Coaching Concepts and Tools for coaching physicians and six modules devoted to Coaching Practice Development.

Dr. Gaillour reviews each proficiency area and learning module in more detail during the Informational Webinar.

 Advanced Coaching Proficiency Areas (ACPA)
ACPA-1 Healthcare Environment, Physicians and Change: The Importance of Co-Creating Trust
A deeper dive over two modules that follows from the discussion started in the PCI Orientation. We explore the initiatives, drivers and trends that are impacting physician self-identify and sense of value. We explore how the research on coaching change correlates with ICF Core Competencies, and examine strategies and tools that co-create TRUST with this unqiue client.
ACPA-2 Coaching Physician Fulfillment
A 4-module exploration and practice of specific coaching tools. We first examine some of the data on fulfillment and morale, then develop expertise on values clarification, non-cognitive imaginal exploration, and finally using validated assessments. All of these tools in concert facilitate physician self-awareness and understanding of their interior landscape
ACPA-3 Coaching the Physician Leader
The focus of these three modulesare to coach the physician leader in three key areas: to be a change catalyst, to influence through emotional intelligence and authenticity, and to support teams and colleagues as they craft a culture of collaboration and high performance.
ACPA-4 Coaching the Physician for Career Expansion and Resilience
This discussion on physician career transition is an overview of the myriad coaching topics that may arise for physicians embarking on career adventure. Although few coaches choose this niche, it’s worthwhile understanding why career transition is a unique—and daunting—challenge for physicians
ACPA-5 Coaching Physician Personal Growth and Transformation
Physicians entering into a coaching journey are poised for living—and leading—from the inside out. An important early coaching structure is to help them verbalize, articulate and embody an “intention” that leads to “manifestation.” n this module we introduce three evidence-supported coaching structures that are useful for improving physician satisfaction and performance.

 Program and Practice Development Proficiency Areas
ACPA-6a Developing Physician Coaching Programs
Learning how to develop a formal structure and well-defined program scope – this is important for congruence and building trust. Components, different structures and duration for a Physician Coaching Program
ACPA-6b Marketing Your Coaching Practice
Creating awareness through tasteful and effective marketing strategies. Expanding your reach through web and social media, blogging, writing and speaking. Establishing value, creating alliances, and setting program-based fees.


Training materials and additional resources include the following:

  • Two-day in-person Kick-off Workshop; 14 Live Webinars over six months, culminating in a 2-day  in-person Capstone
  • Module Handouts and additional reading resources
  •  Coaching  Tools, Guides, Frameworks  and Structures; Ready-to -go downloadable Client  Forms
  • Student-only web page with links to referenced resources and audios
  • Audio recording of all Webinars available for listening later on downloadable MP3 or instant streaming audio


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Earning the Certified Physician Development Coach™ Designation

The “PCI Proficiency Portfolio” Required for Completion

Proficiency is developed by practicing new coaching tools and demonstrating new coaching insights. For completion and achieving status as a graduate of the physician Coaching Institute, the participant must complete the PCI Proficiency Portfolio . Fourteen Buddy Coaching Exercises are assigned throughout the 6-month program and these are conducted with cohort members. In addition, Coach Enrichment Projects are the second major element of the Proficiency Portfolio.  For the complete Proficiency Portfolio, refer to the  PCI Program Summary.

At the conclusion of the training program, the coach will earn the Certified Physician Development Coach™ designation, provided the following criteria are met:

  • Coach has completed all elements of the the PCI Proficiency Portfolio
  • Coach has demonstrated a commitment to improving the professional effectiveness and personal well-being of physicians and other healthcare team members
  • Coach has demonstrated a commitment to the values of the Physician Coaching Institute: honesty, integrity, professionalism and collegiality

The Certified Physician Development Coach™ designation is granted exclusively by the Physician Coaching Institute. Graduating coaches are provided with both a paper Certificate and an electronic Certified Physician Development Coach™ logo.

The International Coach Federation has approved the Physician Coaching Institute training program for for 60 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE): 48 hours in the area of Core Competency and 12 Resource Development.

Tuition and Enrollment Process

The tuition for 2019 cohorts is $8800.   Organizations and groups are eligible for a group discount for two or more participants.  (Travel related expenses are the responsibility of the participant).

Enrollment Process:

  1. Attend a Program  Information Webinar (held approximately twice a month, the dates and registration link will be emailed to you).
  2. Arrange a 30-minute introductory interview with Dr. Francine Gaillour, Executive Director, to discuss your current coaching experience, evaluate where you are in meeting the Enrollment Requirements,  explore the outcomes YOU want from participation in the the PCI Certification Program and  how participation fits with your professional development goals.
  3. Complete  the Physician Coaching Institute  Application
  4. Pay  a Program Reservation deposit of $500 to hold your place in our next training program.

Requirements and Prerequisites for Enrollment

Candidates for the program must meet the following criteria  before enrollment:

  • The participant must have completed at least 16-20 hours of an “essentials” or “fundamentals” level of an ICF-approved coach training program, or be in the process of coach training essentials at the time of the PCI training commencement.  The Physician Coaching Institute’s Certified Physician Development Coach training provides intermediate to advanced training in coaching concepts and tools for physicians and healthcare teams, building on your basic coaching skills. [Note: ACC or PCC Certification through ICF is NOT a requirement to participate in the Physician Coaching Institute.]
  • The coach should have an affinity for healthcare and physicians. While the coach is not expected to have worked in healthcare,   familiarity with physicians and healthcare organizations  is helpful.
  • The coach must be able commit to the minimum 6-month training program at the time of program commencement as well as the required field work.
  • It is expected that the coach has gone through an introspective personal development process and will honor and model the Physician Coaching Institute values of honesty, integrity, professionalism, and collegiality.

Physician Coaching Institute – Your Pathway to the PCI Community

An important goal of the Physician Coaching Institute is to provide ongoing collaboration and  development support for our graduate  coaches. PCI Coaches join the Physician Coaching Institute directory of Certified Physician Development Coach Members and the community collaborates on continued professional and business development.

Participation in the Physician Coaching Institute Graduate Community is open exclusively to coaches who have earned the Certified Physician Development Coach designation.

Questions about the Certified Physician Development Coach training?  Call our program coordinator, Kelly Johnson, (206) 686-4205.

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