Healthcare is in great need of transformation and creative solutions…

…What role will YOU play?

Are you a coach or consultant who wants to:

  • Assist physicians to move past burnout and create work-life balance and career fulfillment
  • Help doctors and healthcare executives blaze new trails as leaders
  • Inject new thinking about emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry into healthcare teams and processes
  • Develop your coaching practice to effectively serve the healthcare community

Expand your coaching expertise and grow your practice by becoming an expert coach for doctors and healthcare teams: Become a Certified Physician Development Coach and become a professional member of PCI.   Read a personal message from the founder: Join the Institute.

As a healthcare leader, physician leader or learning officer, have you considered adding  coaching skills to your leadership training curriculum?  Learn more about our on-site training,  “Essentials of Coaching for  Physicians and Healthcare Leaders.”  Contact Dr. Gaillour and explore how coaching skills are becoming be THE most effective leadership competency for leaders who want to lead change.

Are you a doctor, nurse, clinician or healthcare team member looking for a coach who can help you:

  • Become a more effective and influential leader
  • Develop your career potential or making a change in your professional life
  • Act on your entrepreneurial idea or creating additional streams of income
  • Find the joy, career contentment and fulfillment  you once had

Accelerate your learning and growth, become more effective in business and life with the help of a Certified Coach committed to working with doctors and healthcare teams.  Our coaching graduates have their own practice and work with clients all over the country.  To help you find a coach, start with our directory: Find a Coach.

Looking for specialized coaching skills-development training? Bring our Fundamentals of Coaching for Healthcare Leaders workshops to your organization.