A PCI Grad’s Perspective on Coaching Physician Leaders

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PCI Grad Dr. Foster Expose, Jr. featured in CEO Today magazine

Dr. Foster Expose, Jr., a psychologist, speaker and a coach graduate of our mastery-level Certified Physician Development Coach program , was recently highlighted in the March 2022 Executive Coaching issue of CEO Today magazine. The article features an interview where he shares insights on how physicians effectively transition to becoming leaders.

When asked by CEO Today Magazine about how he supports physicians to make the cognitive shift from clinician to leader, Foster responded by sharing: “The transition occurs by helping physicians to see that 1) they are leaders regardless of a formalized role or not, 2) their clinical skills may be applied to team management and leadership, and 3) a self-inventory of skills they already possess and currently utilize can be a valuable approach. Sometimes, it takes an outside party to make them aware of what they are already doing as a leader to help them make the cognitive shift.”

Foster also stresses that physicians are phenomenal individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to leadership. When asked about his tips on building leadership philosophies, he offered: “One must understand that a leadership philosophy is a blueprint that serves as a personal living piece of iconography that allows you to express yourself. You effectively do this by facilitating a self-inventory to understand all the talents, skills, and values that you possess. You bring that forward to define your s tyle as a leader.”

Congratulations to Certified Physician Development Coach Dr. Foster Expose on his being selected for this special Executive Coaching issue of CEO Today Magazine!