PCI Grad shares physician peer coaching approach

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Kudos to our PCI Grad, Dr. Sue Maclellan-Tobert, whose article “Peer coaching as a burnout buffer” was published on

Here is what Sue had to say about leading the development of internal coaching resources within her organization:

“There is no overnight fix to the mounting pandemic of burnout our providers are facing. It will take a slow internal organizational culture shift to improve wellbeing for all workers in any health care setting, and the final strategy will not be one size fits all because each worker and organization is so incredibly unique. This is a call to stay strong, develop your personal and organizational strategies now for overcoming what is certainly progressive burnout in a population of fatigued, yet dedicated, workers who have put their own needs second to those of others. At our institution, we strongly believe developing an internal coaching program, by traini ng physicians to be coaches, is one of the cost-effective vital steps in what is a grassroots strategy to stopping the burnout pandemic among our providers.”

“Some of the programs we have designed that have been well received include a Clinician Virtual Lounge, offered twice monthly where small groups of providers gather virtually to explore a variety of resilience tools. Group and individual coaching around burnout, imposter syndrome, and time/energy drains have been some of the favorite topics. Emails with wellbeing tips are frequently shared, and the coaches are actively engaged in improving the EMR experience. We offer rapid deployment coaching to clinics th at are struggling. Recently, a rural clinic was down two providers, and the work was overwhelming for the remaining small crew. We spent two sessions just listening to the team, hearing their frustrations, offering self-management and self-compassion tools they can use at the moment when they feel exhausted and overwhelmed.”

After earning her Certified Physician Development Coach credential from the Physician Coaching Institute, Dr. Sue MacLellan-Tobert earned the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Learn more about her coaching practices at her website