How We Develop Expert Coaches for Physicians

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We are often asked, what does PCI coach training entail and how is different than other coach education?

For students in our advanced Certified Physician Development Coach™ program, the journey to becoming an expert coach for physicians encompasses three critical areas of develpment:

1) Honing your coaching core competencies, as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). No matter your starting place, whether as an emerging coach or an experienced ICF-credentialed coach, there is always an upward slope in becoming even more skilled with core competencies. More than ever, it’s important to learn coaching skills that are aligned with the ICF — the gold standard.

2) Understanding physician-specific coaching concepts (what physicians up at night) and learning how to coach using physician-focused structures and tools that have been developed and field-tested by PCI and our graduates.

3) Successfully building a physician-focused coaching practice: offering unique coaching programs for individuals and groups, promoting yourself in tasteful and authentic ways, being ethical in how you conduct yourself as coach vis a vis your other roles in healthcare.

On top of that comprehensive approach to training, what sets us apart from other coaching schools are these four factors:

a) You train among a group of like-mined professionals in healthcare (clinician, non-clinician) so you have a built-in “mastermind” of colleagues. They are aspiring to create what YOU want to create, whether that might be an internal coaching program for your health system, or an entrepreneurial coaching business. While you will learn a lot from our expert instructors, your experience will be enriched by your cohort members.

b) When you coach your “buddies” in assignments, you will be hearing topics that are real and relevant to so many physiciains and advanced practice providers — not role play, the real thing! You will develop mastery faster, and you’ll learn not to be triggered by topics that you yourself might be experiencing.

c) When we present case examples—which we do frequently—all our case studies are about physicians or clinicians. Real docs, real issues, real success stories about how to use PCI coaching techniques and structures.

d) When you complete your training, you are a member of the PCI community of coaches—-a community of excellence and passion. There are so many of our grads who have collaborated to develop programs, or to publish articles, or to refer clients to each other. We have wonderful community to continue learning from, with so many trailblazers. Here is a look at our 2023 PCI Coaching Conference to get an idea.

Learn more about the Certified Physician Development Coach™ advanced coach training program by listening to an Information Webinar recording.