Embracing “Soul Talk” in Medicine

in Physician Coaching Insights

We are delighted to share an article by our PCI Grad Jacqueline Huntly, MD, MPH, in KevinMD  titled “Beyond resilience: the urgent call for “soul talk” in medicine.”

Jackie was the the Keynote Speaker at the Physician Coaching Institute 2023 Coaching Conference, and her article is a distillation of her inspiring talk. She invites all physicians to engage in “soul talk” within the medical community. 

Jackie poignantly describes burnout as a profound erosion of the soul and urges for a shift towards practices like presence, self-compassion, and reconnecting with purpose.   Drawing from the wisdom of poets like John O’Donohue and Mary Oliver, Jackie emphasizes the power of individual restoration alongside systemic change in fostering resilience and compassion in healthcare.  Ultimately, she calls for a dialogue that transcends rhetoric—a “soul talk” that restores truth, healing, and transformation to the forefront of healthcare.

To discover more about what Dr. Huntly has to say, visit her blog on KevinMD!