A PCI Grad shatters common myths about leadership

in Physician Coaching Insights

Congratulations to our PCI Grad, Amer Kaissi PhD, a certified executive and physician coach, professional speaker and an award-winning professor of Healthcare Administration at Trinity University, who recently published his new book, “Humbitious: The Power of Low-Ego, High-Drive Leadership”.

Dr. Kaissi brings his years of experience as an executive coach together with extensive research to demonstrate that the most effective, high-performing leaders combine deep, realistic humility with ambition and drive.

The book challenges the common belief that to be a leader, you have to have a huge ego. He shatters this myth and shows that effective leaders require inner confidence and a strength of character many don’t possess.  Dr. Kaissi provides readers with insights and tools for how to become a more humble leader. He also shares stories of successful leaders who have used humility to achieve great things.

In an age where many people are skeptical of leaders and their motives, this book provides a refreshing perspective on what it takes to be a great leader.

If you’re looking for a new perspective on leadership, from an experienced coach,  Dr. Kaissi’s book is a must-read. You can purchase it on Amazon or through his website.