PCI Grad highlights Volunteering as potential burnout mitigation

in Physician Coaching Insights

Volunteering has emerged as a potential solution to combat burnout among healthcare professionals. Our PCI Grad, who is a Physician Coach and physician retreat leader, Dr. Joe Sherman recently blogged about about the experiences of a team of American neurovascular physicians who volunteered in Paraguay and came awa y with revealed a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration. By engaging in meaningful activities and connecting with a greater purpose, volunteering may offer healthcare professionals a chance to alleviate burnout.

Joe recommends incorporating volunteering into self-care practices and suggests reputable organizations for healthcare professionals to explore.

According to Joe,  “It may seem counterintuitive, but for many physicians, nurses, and health professionals, volunteering is a way to mitigate burnout and find fulfillment. Engaging in activities that inspire and bring you life can make a major impact on your well-being and contribute to a greater good.”

To read more about Joe’s insights, visit his blog post titled “Volunteering – A Potential Cure for Burnout”.