Meditations for Women Physicians (and Others) Who Do Too Much

in Physician Coaching Insights

Congratulations to Dr. Robyn Alley-Hay, PCI Certified Physician Development Coach graduate, who just published a book that is already making waves in the self-care and wellness community!  “Meditations for Women Physicians (and Others) Who Do Too Much” is a must-read for anyone looking to prioritize their well-being and find peace amidst the chaos of daily life.

Women who are feeling the pressure of an over-stressed, over-scheduled, and overwhelmed lifestyle, can find solace in this book. With more than 100 comforting meditations and prayers, it provides a source of peace and tranquility to help women find calm in their lives. The topics covered range from overcoming perfectionism, strengthening relationships, embracing forgiveness, to managing anxiety.

This book serves as a healing balm for the over-worked soul and offers the opportunity for women to take a much-needed pause and find inner peace in their busy lives.

If you’re looking to rediscover balance and peace, “Meditations for Women Physicians (and Others) Who Do Too Much” is a must-read!. You can purchase it on Amazon.  And do visit her website at Robyn Alley – Hay, MD

As the Executive Director of the Physician Coaching Institute, I am so inspired by our grads our who are not only having an impact as coaches, but are also amplifying a message of well-being through their writing and speaking.