Earning an ICF coaching credential after your Certified Physician Development Coach credential

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One of the questions we get frequently is how a student earns an International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaching credential after completing our Certified Physician Development Coach™ program.

We are very proud of the many graduates who have gone on to add another feather in their cap in the form of an ICF coaching credential.  The good news, it’s a straightforward path once you  accumulate the requisite coaching experience hours with pro bono or paying clients. And don’t worry, we prepare you!

The Physician Coaching Institute (PCI) is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the coach-specific credit hours (CCEs) from all our coach training programs can be applied to an ICF coaching credential.  PCI has passed the rigorous accreditation process for approved coach-specific education by the ICF.  Not only do the coach-specific training hours you earn through PCI count toward your application for an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), or Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential, you also earn mentor coaching hours and are well-prepared for the ICF knowledge and performance exams.

Our graduates apply for an ICF coaching credential through the Portfolio Path

The ICF has several application paths for earning your first or second ICF coaching credential. All paths have the same application requirements: 1) You must have earned the required coach-specific training hours from an ICF-approved school; 2) you must have the required Client Experience hours; 3) you must have received the required mentor coaching hours; and 4) you must pass the ICF Knowledge and Performance exams.

Graduates of our Certified Physician Development Coach program apply to the ICF using the “Portfolio Path.”  The vast majority of our graduates who go on to apply for an ICF coaching credential will apply for the first tier credential, the ACC.  However, some of our students, already hold an ICF ACC or PCC coach credential when they enroll in a cohort; therefore they will use their PCI coach training and mentoring hours towards the next higher ICF credential, PCC or MCC.

What we appreciate about our approach is that we do not limit enrollment in our Certified Physician Development Coach™ program to only novice coaches.  While most of our students are indeed newer to coaching, we always have a few coaches in each cohort who have been coaching longer and now want to develop deeper expertise in coaching physicians and clinicians.

How does PCI Prepare You for the ICF Portfolio Path Application?

We provide ample coach-specific credit hours (CCEs) that exceeds the ACC minimum requirement as well as mentor coaching and exam prep to equip you to apply for the ACC credential (or higher if you already hold an ACC). See the detailed outline for the ICF requirements for the ACC and how PCI prepares you.

Please reach out if you have additional questions about earning an ICF coaching credential.