Three Dimensions of Physician Well-being

in Physician Coaching Insights

Dr. Francine Gaillour, Executive Director of the Physician Coaching Institute, was recently interviewed by Dr. Corinna Muller, certified physician coach, for her podcast, Right Brain Rounds.

A graduate of the Physician Coaching Institute, Dr. Muller shares some of her insights having been in one of the training cohorts and becoming a Certified Physician Development Coach.  In the interview, Dr. Gaillour discusses her professional journey from clinician to physician executive and then to coach. She also shares her conceptual framework about physician satisfaction,  walking through the “Three Dimensions of Physician Professional Fulfillment.”  Rounding out the podcast are Dr. Gaillour’s observations about how physician coaching and physician’s attitudes about coaching have evolved over the last twenty years.

Listen to Dr. Muller’s podcast interview of Dr. Gaillour here on Right Brain Rounds — and subscribe to podcast!