The Role of Coaching in a Physician Well-being Initiative

in Physician Coaching Insights

Dr. Gaillour was a featured presenter for the American Association of Physician Leaders (AAPL) annual Vanguard event over the summer. The Vanguard meeting is for experienced physician leaders. Her presentation is a short overview on the topic “The Role of Coaching in a Physician Well-being Initiative.” If you are an AAPL member, you can access the short video through the Vanguard course page, Executive Coaching topic area. The video is also available below.

Here is the synopsis of the presentation:

Many healthcare organizations are launching physician well-being programs in an effort to offer resources that can address physician stress and burnout.  Typically included as a well-being resource is personal coaching.  Indeed, recent studies validate the positive impact of professional coaching on physician satisfaction.However, many health systems have an incomplete understanding of coaching. Some organizations have previously framed “coaching” as a punitive measure, which is not aligned with the principles of professional coaching as established by the International Coaching Federation. Other health systems mistakenly assume coaching by itself can address multiple physician issues.

The objectives of this presentation are to: 1) propose a conceptual framework for a well-being initiative that appropriately places coaching vis a vis other resources within a well-being program, 2) provide guidance to physician leaders about launching a coaching pilot and training coaches.


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