A PCI Grad’s view on mentoring and coaching for physicians

in Physician Coaching Insights

Congratulations to our recent PCI grad Dr Emilie Belley-Cote who published an article on Kevin highlighting the differences between mentoring and coaching.

This is an important distinction, as  many of our students have been mentors and mentees, and now are learning the new skill set and mindset of coaching.

Coaching and mentorship are important for all physicians, regardless of their stage in their careers. Coaching can support physicians as they wrestle with decisions and responses in their life, while mentorship can provide expertise to new physicians as they learn the ropes and navigate the often-complex world of healthcare. Both coaching and mentorship have a place and should be tailored to the individual physician’s needs.

Here is what  Emilie had to say about having both mentors and coaches:

Physicians and definitely academic physicians should have both mentors and coaches. Ideally, they will also have sponsors. Neither is the absolute solution. They are complementary supports towards a successful and fulfilling career. Whatever you aim to accomplish, coaching and mentorship will help you achieve it more easily and efficiently. Surround yourself on the way to success. You don’t have to figure it out alone.

Read the full article on Kevinmd.