Tom Thorsheim, Ph.D.

Tom Thorsheim, Ph.D.


Do you and your hospital or outpatient practice "walk the talk" when it comes to promoting wellness and life-balance in your providers? Shape your practice so that physicians, staff, and patients experience being exceptionally valued, listened to, and respected. Create a smooth-running work environment in which you and your staff are energized, efficient and fulfilled.

As a licensed PhD psychologist and physician leadership coach, I help physicians and physician leaders enhance self-care, manage stress, resolve conflict, and sharpen their skills to work together effectively amidst the many vicissitudes facing modern healthcare.

Education and Credentials:

PhD in Counseling Psychology (Educational Psychology), MA in Program Evaluation (Educational Psychology), with a depth of experience in coaching, psychological intervention, assessment, and program evaluation. I have the tools to guide you through all phases of coaching. The process: First, my clients and I collaborate on a carefully designed assessment to establish a coaching "roadmap" and strategic approach. After a path is charted, I help my clients pursue the growth and changes they seek, helping them remove obstacles while building on their inherent strengths.

My Ideal Client:

Physicians and physician leaders who seek personal and professional growth or those who are seeking to develop healthcare teams that are optimally collaborative and engaged.