Todd Naille

Todd Naille

Expert Overview

Signature strength of one to one encouragement that helps others realize their ideal self. Regarded for the ability to inspire real-life application to hearts and minds!

Client and Coaching Focus:

Physician Leadership Development

Background and Experience:

Todd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from The Ohio State University and a Master of Arts degree from Ashland Theological Seminary. He has pioneered multiple non-profit ventures in new communities and most recently planted a church. Todd is fueled with an undying curiosity for learning how individuals best live in community with one another and excels at aligning mission with context. Throughout his mission-driven career, Todd has often been invited into the worst moments in the lives of others. Because he readily earns trust, he is able to remind people of the hope of living their best life. Through face-to-face conversation, Todd inspires physical, relational, and spiritual development. He has learned that personal growth always requires more work than we realize. He is known for his authenticity and vulnerability which enables him to teach and counsel with real life application.

Education and Credentials:

B.S. The Ohio State University

M.A. Ashland Theological Seminary

Physician Development Coach PCI class 2019

Contact Information: