Tiffany Spanier, MD

Tiffany Spanier, MD


I partner with physicians and medical groups who are ready to unlock their potential and channel their energy in order to make a difference and lead in an authentic way. Through my experience with mindfulness, self-compassion and coaching, I am able to support physicians in moving from a sense of imbalance and discontent to clarity and purpose. 

Client and Coaching Focus

Dr. Spanier specializes in working with physicians and healthcare teams that are committed to a thought-provoking process in order to deepen their connections with self and others. By creating a space for exploration and discovery, values, goals, and obstacles to change become clearer. Through inspiration and collaboration, clients are able to use their unique strengths and skills to develop solutions, influence, and promote lasting change.

Background and Experience

Several years ago, after becoming a wife, mother, pediatrician, partner, and owner in a large pediatric private practice, a shift began. I had been fortunate to have stumbled my way into a mindfulness class for physicians. After a couple sessions, I was noticing the effects of chronic stress:  poor sleep, body tension, emotional exhaustion, hurrying to complete each task, and feeling fragmented were beginning the change. I couldn’t believe something so “simple” could make such a big difference in my quality of life. 

This was the beginning of my journey to shift my attention to making a difference in physicians’ lives. I became a certified mindfulness teacher. I completed training in Self-Compassion for Healthcare Communities. I co-lead a project sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) in order to determine barriers to well-being, improve communication and teamwork, and decrease physician burnout.  

Along with coaching, these combined experiences have helped me recognize the Importance of joy, balance, and fulfillment in our everyday moments. With curiosity, empathy and deep listening, I am able to provide a safe space to partner with and empower clients to begin, or continue, their own journey of discovery and development.  

Education and Credentials

Dr. Spanier is a Master Certified Physician Development Coach. She obtained her medical degree at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and completed residency training in Pediatrics both at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, and then Children’s Hospital in Seattle. 

She is currently an owner and partner in a large pediatric private practice and has been practicing clinical medicine for more than 20 years. She has championed concepts of physician wellness and fulfillment while serving as the Chairman of the Wellness Subcommittee in her clinical practice. 

As a certified mindfulness instructor, she has taught numerous workshops to healthcare professionals.  She also has advanced training in leading Self Compassion for Healthcare Communities (SCHC) from the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. Dr. Spanier’s combined training and experience serves physicians and healthcare professionals on their journey to maximize their professional and personal development. 

Contact Information

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