Susan M. Hahn, PCC

Susan M. Hahn, PCC


My clients seek positive change through developing stretch goals, success strategies and specific action steps. They are willing to move out of their comfort zones to explore new ways of behaving. They are investing in powerful forward movement in their work and personal lives.

Client and Business Focus:

My healthcare clients are typically executives (CEO, COO, CMO, CNO, SVPs, VPs) and physicians who are in, or moving into leadership positions. The value I bring to my clients relates to 23 years of accumulated experience in healthcare, initially as a clinician, then moving to manager, director, VP and COO, before launching Swan Consulting Group, Inc. in June 2001. In addition to having “walked in the shoes of…” I have provided 1,500+ hours of coaching and earned 250+ hours of coach specific training.

Background and Experience:

During my 23 years as a leader in health care and subsequent 11 years as an executive coach and business owner, I have identified my signature strengths as those related to supporting others in achieving success. In addition to executive coaching, my healthcare services include mediation (workplace only), consulting and training. Having a long term understanding of my clients’ cultures and environments are prerequisites to periodically coordinating and running search committees for healthcare professionals. My organization, Swan Consulting Group, Inc., brings panels of coaches and trainers to organizations to contribute to High Potential Leadership Programs and Executive Coaching Programs. I spearheaded the launch of the Maryland Chapter of the International Coach Federation and assumed the position of president for the initial two years (2011 – 2012).

Education and Credentials:

My bachelors and masters degrees are in psychology, social work (BA) and psychiatric social work (MA), and I attended five schools of coaching. I related best to the brain based coaching model offered through the NeuroLeadership Group the founder and CEO for whom I now provide consulting. I hold the International Coach Federation (ICF) credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Certifications in mediation were awarded from The Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers (MICPEL) and The Baltimore School for Mediation and I earned a Physician Development Coach Certification from the Physician Coaching Institute. I maintain my license as a psychotherapist as I remain highly interested in psychology, human behavior, and how the brain works. I am certified to administer and debrief the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), the DiSC, and the EIView 360, among others. I have custom-designed and facilitated numerous interview-based 360’s.


Susan M. Hahn, PCC
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