Steve Parkes, MD, MBA, MPH, PCC

Steve Parkes, MD, MBA, MPH, PCC

Expert Overview

I thought-partner with highly educated medical professionals and executives hungry for transformation in their professional and personal lives. I specialize and have extensive experience in leadership coaching and in moving clinicians from states of stagnation or burnout to multidimensional vitality.

Client and Business Focus:

Dr. Parkes specializes in working with clinically active physicians, teams, and executive healthcare leadership professionals. Whether you’re personally transitioning to a new leadership role or your system is navigating challenges, coaching with Steve Parkes will provide a road map for continuous, verifiable prosperity. The insights and revelations you discover during your coaching journey with Dr. Parkes will not only help you achieve your present goals but also set you up for life long professional and personal fulfillment.

Background and Experience:

Even superdocs can burnout. Continuously working up to 28 emergency medicine shifts a month while simultaneously launching a $10M business and fathering three small children led me to complete and utter burnout at the age of 31. Often our best intentions create collateral damage we are blinded to by our own self-identity. Rather than learning via trial by fire, a core power of coaching prompts us to dissect our high functioning selves in profound ways – replacing needless suffering with strategic change. As physicians, we are conditioned to think and work independently – setting us up to subconsciously believe the lie that accepting assistance reflects weakness within ourselves. Yet the most successful humans on the planet owe their success to outstanding mentors, coaches, and teachers behind the scenes. In that light, I’m in a unique position to help you understand YOU on a priceless level. I’ve amassed a unique set of knowledge, skills, and processes to help physicians level up in the areas needed the most. Visit my website today to learn more, including access to free resources and references.

Education and Credentials:

In addition to his physician development coach certification, Dr. Parkes is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation, a strategic intervention coach, and also certified by the Robbins-Madanes Institute. He is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Index and the EQ-I 2.0 emotional intelligence assessments. He earned his MD at Rush University in Chicago, IL in 2006 and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Presence Resurrection Medical Center also in Chicago. He founded EMPact Emergency Physicians, LLC in 2011 which he managed for 6 years while also serving as Associate Medical Director at the 4th busiest emergency department in Illinois. Dr. Parkes earned his MBA, magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame and his MPH with focus in finance, management, and behavioral change from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where his thesis was on clinician burnout. He frequently speaks at various medical schools, hospitals, and other large conferences on the areas of personal development, public health, physician burnout and the future of medicine. He has spent nearly half a million dollars on advancing his personal development and education in the past five years alone. In his spare time, Dr. Parkes also completed over a dozen marathons and 15 Ironman triathlons including the world championship in Kona, Hawaii in 2017.