Sarah Roth, DO, MA

Sarah Roth, DO, MA


Live a life aligned with your values and filled with purpose. Using her background in mindfulness and yoga, Sarah assists individuals in finding fulfillment and their path to true joy.

Client and Coaching Focus

If you are encountering a transition in your life, your career, your relationship, or your family, coaching is an amazing way to find clarity to move forward with intention and purpose. Change is uncomfortable. Sometimes the choice to head in a different direction is driven by internal forces. But sometimes this shift is driven by external circumstances and people holding power positions. Whatever the reason for finding yourself at a crossroads, consider how this could be more intentional. How could this shift help you to align more with your values? How could this transition invite more purpose into your life? Could an adjustment of perspective open more possibilities?

All individuals are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. But for many, their daily lives are governed by the thoughts and ideas floating in their heads. They perceive life based on this information and make decisions deemed to be intellectually appropriate.

This often misses the opportunity to discover what lies at the core of all beings and generates energy and joy. The authentic self exists within each person. This self is resourceful and whole and, when allowed to flourish, creates a life of purpose. This self is often ignored due to conditioning that dictates that the rational mind should be making decisions.

Sarah assists clients in discovering and empowering their true and authentic self. Through self- inquiry, reframing, and perspective shifting, clients transition beyond the thoughts that limit them to find the heart that propels them to soar. Sarah’s clients discover that the life they truly wish to live – one aligned with their values and filled with purpose – is achievable when they uncover what their heart has longed for all along.

Background and Experience

After being told in high school that she would not make a good doctor, Sarah pursued a degree in communication with a focus in public relations. She found work within the public sector working for the Department of Forestry and the Oregon Legislature. But everywhere she went, people found
her to discuss their lives and their dreams. Sarah eventually found her way to a degree in mental health counseling which offered more structure to support those who came to her with their hopes and dreams.

After graduation, Sarah was thrust into system that was teeming with counselors and very few job opportunities. She became a yoga teacher and started her own business providing physical fitness classes while also offering wellness coaching.

Being married to a creative writer and always up for an adventure, Sarah and her husband moved to Indonesia to teach English as a foreign language. This proved to be a life changing experience and when she returned to the United States, Sarah opted to pursue her dream of becoming a physician.
But coaching was never far away. Throughout medical school and residency, Sarah acted as a mental health advocate and wellness champion. Facilitating weekly groups and writing monthly emails provided a forum for this important conversation.

In the last three years, Covid has changed the experience of working on the front lines. At no other time has the stress, anxiety, and helplessness reached such levels of desperation. In an effort to combat her own sense of burnout and compassion fatigue, Sarah began actively trying to discover a new way of encountering her own life and return to the core of who she is – the coach who has always existed to help others in finding perspective.

In February 2022, Sarah opened the Charlo Mindfulness Center where she offers yoga workshops, mindfulness sessions, and personalized coaching. She still works as an emergency room physician and writes a monthly blog.

Education and Credentials

Sarah received her Master Certified Physician Development Coach designation through the Physician Coaching Institute. She has also completed her training with the Co-Active Coach Training Institute and is in the midst of the certification process. Sarah completed her training to provide Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses based on the ground-breaking work of Jon Kabat-Zinn. Sarah’s unique coaching style draws from her background in mental health, yoga, mindfulness, as well as current coaching best practices.

George Fox University provided Sarah with her bachelors degree in communication as well as her masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. She lived in Portland, Oregon for a number of years. This is where she met her husband, discovered amazing coffee, and developed her love of yoga and mindfulness.

Sarah attended medical school in Yakima, Washington at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences where she received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. A small, rural town in Arizona provided the setting for her emergency medicine residency. Longing to return to the Pacific Northwest, Sarah and her family settled in Coos Bay, a small town along the southern Oregon coast.

Contact Information

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