Sara Miller, EdD, PCP

Sara Miller, EdD, PCP


Dr. Sara Miller is the founder and president of True North Coaching, established in 2002. She is committed to helping hospitals provide compassionate care, by holding on to one of its most valuable resources, physicians. She was one of the first and few who specialized in working with physicians who have disruptive behaviors. Dr. Miller also has extensive experience in coaching physicians who are disillusioned or dispirited, and those moving from clinical positions into medical directorships. She was trained in Authentic Happiness, under Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology.

Her company uses methods based on empirical research, and ancient methodology to address the issue of physician engagement. We use a non-punitive, positive solution focused approach to make lasting changes in the way physicians think about and approach their work. Her clients include hospitals throughout the US, who have gained a high Return on Investment, by not only physician retention, but through increased physician engagement. In partnership with a highly trained Tibetan Buddhist monk, Dr. Geshe Dorjee, True North is pioneering a specialized “mind-training” program based upon ancient methodologies and current neuro-scientific research.

Client and Business Focus:

My specialized niche, is coaching physicians who are displaying disruptive behaviors. Most referrals come from hospital administrators (VPMA, CMO) responsible for addressing disruptive behaviors, as set forth by JCAHO Standards LD.3.10 and LD.3.15. Executive Coaching is the CMO's answer to, "Now what?" when a physician's case comes back from the PWB Committee with no diagnosis or impairments. For those hospitals who want to invest in keeping their good doctors, coaching offers an excellent non-punitive, non-medical approach.

Most of my clients are extremely bright and extremely discouraged. Many are surgeons, emergency medicine physicians, anesthesiologist, or OB/GYNs who feel deeply responsible for life or death outcomes. I typically do not coach impaired or compromised physicians; however, if deemed appropriate, I will work only in close collaboration with their other intervention professionals.

Background and Experience:

I have coached medical doctors, executives, and leaders on many diverse issues. Some examples of clients I have coached are: 1) a brilliant specialist who graduated from a top medical school, who sought coaching to help strengthen his social intelligence; 2) a high-admitter surgeon, who was on his way to loosing hospital privileges for taking public sniper shots at C-level administrators; 3) a clinician with remarkable speedy and accurate diagnosing skills and with equally remarkably low patient satisfaction scores, who came to coaching to learn how to develop rapport with patients and staff; 4) an orthopedic surgeon developing a hospital in India to provide trauma care and free artificial limbs to the poor; and 5) a visionary professor at an Ivy League School, who wants to bring coaching to the medical academic world.

Education and Credentials:

Doctorate in Education and Masters of Science in Human Development from the University of Arkansas * Over 30 years in the field of human development. * Certified graduate coach from Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. * Graduate Authentic Happiness Coaching Program. * International Coach Federation (ICF) member * ICF Ethics and Standard Committee member, 2003 - 2007. * EQ Behavioral Assessor, anticipated certification Summer 2007 * Myers-Briggs Qualified Assessor * Co-founder and board member of the Professional Coaches Association of Michigan.

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