Ron Singler MD

Ron Singler MD


My clients are physicians, medical professionals, administrators and other leaders seeking excellence and wellness in their professional and personal lives. Often, they are in a period of transition that is calling them to attend to their core values and the source that fuels them. As a trusted partner, my coaching provides supportive guidance in manifesting their goodness and happiness through fulfillment of their goals.

Client and Business Focus

My clients are seeking to realize their core values and fulfill their aspirational goals. They have a commitment to grow and reach for higher levels of excellence. They seek to understand and master the increasing complexity and structural changes in our culture and healthcare systems. They presence the courage to embrace the challenges of chaotic uncertainty and lead to transformational change

My coaching philosophy derives from my purpose which is “service to others”. My personal mantra is “how can I help”. These are threads woven into the fabric of my personal and professional life and the energy I bring to my coaching partnerships. Coaching is a partnership that supports each person as they manifest their unique goodness and the happiness that flows from them. Such happiness expands as core values are validated trough the progressive realization of worthwhile goals.

The cornerstones of my coaching practice are:
*Committed Vision
*Wellness Lifestyle
*Emotional Intelligence
*Empowering Partnerships

These cornerstones provide a solid structure for personal inquiry and growth. I welcome partners with both minds and hearts engaged joining with them in their personal journey to achieve the goals and successes they desire.

Background and Experience

I am a compassionate physician, educator, and healthcare leader who brings decades of experience to my coaching practice. I understand the heart of healing in the service to others and the stresses, and sometimes distresses, of such service. I trained in the specialty of Family Medicine and held academic appointment positions at University of California—Davis, Stanford University, and University of Washington. I have practiced in academic settings, tertiary care centers, HMO’s, and private practice. I founded an integrative wholistic medical practice with other professional colleagues called Wellness Associates. I served as medical director of a hospital affiliated multispecialty group for 23 years and embraced the various challenges and responsibilities in patient care and leadership. My experiences have taught me that personal and professional successes require commitment, vision, self-care, emotional intelligence, synergistic teamwork along with generous infusions of appreciation, supervision, and mentoring. My teammates knew me as a problem solver and an advocate for both patients and clinicians.

Education and Credentials

I am a Certified Physician Development Coach through the Physician Coaching Institute, a program approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). After completing medical school at University of Kentucky College of Medicine, I completed my residency in Family Medicine at University of California—Davis. Following residency, I continued at UC—Davis as Assistant Professor teaching residents, medical students, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. In my last year there, I held a joint appointment on the clinical faculty of Stanford and led an innovative initiative to train NP’s and PA’s with a common curriculum in decentralized satellites across California. I am recognized as a “champion of Family Medicine” with a degree of Fellow by the American Academy of Family Practice. I am Board Certified by the ABFP. As medical director at Highline Medical Group for 23 years, my successful leadership required a synthesis of clinical, relational, and administrative skills.