Marcy Tannenbaum-Fox

Marcy Tannenbaum-Fox


Marcy Tannenbaum-Fox is an executive coach and consultant who works with professionals that include Physicians, Attorneys, Senior Executives and Managers who are motivated to stretch and expand their skills in the areas of communication effectiveness, career development and strategy. Marcy believes that increasing awareness is the first step to learning how to communicate more effectively in and out of the workplace.

Marcy’s clients are effective at converting difficult feedback into opportunities for positive change that prove to be sustainable and fulfilling. She also partners with clients to develop career strategies that consider core interests and motivation factors along with exploration of the range of possible career options. Her past clients have stepped into leadership positions, made lateral moves, exited their industry and have successfully moved to active retirement.

Client and Business Focus:

While Marcy successfully coaches, consults with and trains a wide variety of Senior Executives and Managers from industries that include Health Care, Pharma, Biotech, Manufacturing and Academia, she is also a Certified Physician Development Coach who understands the unique challenges and circumstances of the Physician and new Physician Executive. Her work has focused on increasing awareness of effective communication and understanding its impact on the health care team including administrators, other physicians and nurses with the goal of increasing patient safety and patient satisfaction scores.


Marcy is a Certified Professional Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. She is a graduate of the Boston University Coaching Certification Program, the InviteChange Advanced Coach Certification Program and the Physician Coaching Institute where she is certified as a Physician Development Coach. She also has an M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology from Boston University. Her background includes work at consulting firms in the Boston area in addition to many years of collaborative work at Beth Israel Hospital’s Be Well! Program. Marcy began her career working at the Massachusetts General Hospital where she coached Nursing Students and was a faculty member.