Mamta Gautam, MD, FRCPC

Mamta Gautam, MD, FRCPC


I am an executive physician coach, author, international speaker, and President of PEAK MD, Inc. I work with physician executives who want to develop their Peak Potential as a leader, and in life.  I truly know and understand physicians.  For 20 years, I practiced as a psychiatrist with a practice devoted exclusively to working with physicians.  I started to get calls from physician leaders who had known my patients and watched them transform, asking if they had to wait until they became overwhelmed to see me.  As a psychiatrist, I used to help colleagues in trouble regain health.  As a coach, I can help you be proactive in building resilience and achieving excellence as a leader.

Client and Business Focus

A pioneer in the field of Physician Health, Dr. Gautam is an internationally known expert, and sought after speaker.  All of her clinical, educational, and administrative work is focused on the promotion of Professional Health.  Having spent years increasing awareness of physician health issues, treating colleagues, and creating a network of resources for physicians in distress, Dr. Gautam has now turned her focus to coaching physicians to learn proactive strategies to keep them well professionally and personally.  Her company, PEAK MD Inc, specializes in working with physician executives who want to develop their Peak Potential as a leader, and in life.

She has created videos, and podcasts; and authored articles and book chapters on this topic.  She writes a regular column, Helping Hand, in the Medical Post on Physician Health, as well as Coach’s Corner, in the newsletter of the Canadian Society of Physician Executives.  Her book, Irondoc: Practical Stress Management Tools for Physicians, was released in October 2004.

Background and Experience

Dr. Gautam has a unique and deep understanding and appreciation of physicians.  For twenty years, she was a psychiatrist in private practice in Ottawa, and a clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Ottawa.  She is a specialist in Physician Health and Well-being, and is hailed as “The Doctor’s Doctor. She is the founding director of the University Of Ottawa Faculty Of Medicine Wellness Program.  This program served as the template for the Canadian Medical Association Centre for Physician Health and Wellbeing, where she consults as an Expert Physician Advisor. She is the Co Chair of the Canadian Psychiatric Association Section on Physician Health.  She is a recent past president of the Ontario Psychiatric Association; and the current President of the Ottawa chapter of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada. She has just launched the International Alliance for Physician Health.

Education and Credentials

Mamta Gautam, MD, FRCP(C) is a physician executive coach, author and internationally renowned speaker.  She is trained in CoActive Coaching from Coaches Training International, and is a certified physician development coach.  Dr. Gautam is on the faculty of many Medical Leadership Conferences, such as those of the Canadian Medical Association, University of Ottawa, and the Oregon-based Foundation for Medical Excellence.  She has received several major awards to recognize and honor her pioneering work in this field, including the 2004 CPSO Council Award, and 2005 University of Ottawa Alumni Award for Community Contributions.  Most recently, she has been awarded a Fellowship at the Canadian Psychiatric Association; and a Distinguished Fellowship in the American Psychiatric Association for her innovative work in Physician Health.

Contact Information
Dr. Mamta Gautam

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