Lisa Duggan, MD

Lisa Duggan, MD

Expert Overview

Lisa Duggan brings a passion for medical professionals to her physician coaching practice. As a practicing family doctor, she has experienced firsthand the amazing journey that medical education and practice is for physicians. Even before beginning medical school, she became fascinated with the mind and soul of doctors; how do they maintain life balance? how do they cope with the stresses of practice? how do they deal with being a human being in a profession that expects perfection?

In her busy family practice, she had lots of conversations with her colleagues on these topics. And she noticed who was happy in their profession, and found out why. And noticed who left medicine and found out why. And she noticed that a lot of what seemed to make people satisfied or dissatisfied in their work had to do with Leadership. The way she sees Leadership is simple: leadership is being empowered, and using one's power of choice, in any given situation.

Lisa's coaching philosophy centers around the concept of ontology. Ontology means "the science of being". This coaching philosophy asserts that how we are "being" in any given situation has everything to do with how we experience our life. We may not have control over all the circumstances in our lives, but we have control of what we bring to that situation. In turn, what we bring impacts the amount of empowerment and joy we experience.

Client and Business Focus
Lisa loves working one-on-one with physicians who want to find more joy in their lives. Whether finding joy means reconstructing their current medical practice, switching to another medical field, or switching to a non-medical field, Lisa will help the client excavate those nuggets of truth within them that will lead them toward a more fulfilling life. She especially loves working with physicians who own their own practice as this often presents a unique set of
challenges. When working with larger groups, Lisa often co-creates workshops and seminars with one of her coaching colleagues.

Background and Experience

Lisa brings 20 years of direct medical experience as a physician, working in both urban and rural settings. She has accrued extensive counseling and interpersonal skills during these years; in addition, she has hundred of hours of coaching experience with both physicians and non physicians. She has owned two small businesses.

Education and Credentials

Lisa graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in human physiology. She graduated from UCSF School of Medicine in 1993, and University of Washington Family Medicine Residency program in 1996. She is a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training Program and is a Certified Physician Development Coach. She continues working as an urgent care physician at The Everett Clinic in Everett, Washington.


Lisa Duggan, MD