Lei Ang, MD, FRCPath, MRCPCH

Lei Ang, MD, FRCPath, MRCPCH


Dr Lei Ang is passionate about partnering with physicians to reclaim their lives, to live on purpose instead of "going through the motions." She is fervent and tenacious in her support of her clients and has been described as being very intuitive. Her coaching style is one that liberates your authenticity, evokes transformation and inspires the leader within you. Side effects of her coaching include achieving dreams that you have kept hidden thus far, standing firm on the foundation that nothing is impossible, fueled by a "game on" attitude. You will rise above what has kept you immobile and move past inertia towards action.

Are you ready?

Client and Business Focus

Lei works with physicians who are disillusioned by medicine, questioning their role, the meaning behind their career and are seeking greater personal and job fulfillment. She partners with them and helps reconnect them to their full selves, their passions, feel empowered and reinvigorated for life.

Lei is also a champion for medical students and residents and helps them identify their core values and develop resilience whilst they navigate and juggle clinical rotations, calls, exams and life in general, in pursuit of their medical career.

As a laboratory physician, Lei appreciates the value of teamwork and that the success of an organization is dependent on the cohesiveness of its members and having an effective and strong leader. She works with organizations to foster team engagement and develop higher functioning teams by leveraging their strengths so they not only survive but thrive in the face of rapid evolution in the world of medicine.

Lei also coaches physician leaders or would-be leaders to step into and reach their full potential, to not only be more effective and influential, but to enjoy the ride, wearing the badge of honor as a mover and shaker in their respective organization in service of their peers and patients.

Having trained in England but later moved to Canada, Lei is appreciative of the challenges that comes with international relocation including cultural differences and licensure difficulties that physicians trained outside of North America and United Kingdom experience. She helps them weave themselves into the practice of medicine where they are and also with integration into their local communities.

Background and Experience

Lei’s vision is to transform the world of medicine by bringing "health" and "care" back to its heart – the people who live, and breathe it every day with physicians being the heartbeat of the service.

As a physician herself, Lei knows first hand what it feels like to be standing on the precipice of an important career decision. She understands the emotional and mental turmoil as well as the deep sense of isolation that an increasing number of physicians experience every day. It was through coaching that she attained clarity and saw the "light at the end of the tunnel."

Discovering that life is rich and full of opportunities, she set out on an exploration venture and through this, her dreams were rekindled and passions ignited. Lei went through coach training herself as she aims to help her physician colleagues fall in love with themselves and life again. She is a firm believer of the Hippocratic oath "First, do no harm," to not just apply to the care of patients, but to the physicians caring for these patients. She is a strong advocate that the physician’s health and wellbeing is as important as that of the patient. Her motto is "It is time to stop living life via the ventilator. It is time to embrace your life and live it exponentially with intent."

Education and Credentials

Dr Ang graduated from Liverpool Medical School, U.K and poured her heart and soul into pediatrics for over 6 years. She then discovered the mysterious world of microbes on a course in tropical medicine and her fascination resulted in her moving into the field of microbiology where she was able to study them more closely and extensively.

She has practiced as a Medical Microbiologist for over 7 years and during this time, has been the Division Head of Microbiology, Medical Director for Infection Control, Program Coordinator for Microbiology training for pathology residents and served as provincial representative on various national committees.

She is an Advanced Certified Physician Development Coach from the Physician Coaching Institute, trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and completed the CTI Leadership Program. She is a member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School and is a member of the International Coach Federation.