Kenneth Miller, MD

Kenneth Miller, MD


Ken Miller is a Physician who has Board Certifications in Psychiatry, Psychiatric Administration and Management and NeuroPsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology.  He has served in many Medical administrative roles over his 32 years of practice and is a certified Physician Development Coach with the Physician Coaching Institute.

Client and Business Focus:

As a consultant to Private, Public, State and Federal agencies he has assisted in program development, employee assistance, training and education both at an individual and group/team level. His experience at Engaging and Developing the Whole Person has amassed scores of Grateful and Loyal Professional Clients and Patients with combined approaches of his Clinical knowledge and skills, the Birkman Method, and the Art of Hosting practices.

With his continued interest in Organizational and Occupational Psychiatry, he has been sought after for guidance with the covert dynamics in the Health Care and Corporate Environments. Dr. 'Coach' Ken contributes his Energies to Youth Crew Activities as a Coach and an US Rowing Referee. He provides an unique, strategic perspective for Worklifeonline Performance Consulting Group, his alliance partners.

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