Kathy Taberner

Kathy Taberner

Expert Overview

I support physicians in becoming the leaders they want to be and know they can be.

Client and Business Focus:

My ideal clients are physicians who are or have just become formal or informal leaders in their organization. They recognize they could be more effective as leaders and aspire to become the leader they know they can be. They may have a vision of what would be optimal for their area of responsibility or how they want people to work together. They may wonder how they develop the strategies to create and complete the goals they know will lead to a more effective work environment. They may find leading a meeting a challenge as they try to facilitate collaboration to develop the best solution possible. Instead they find when an issue is brought forward, someone jumps in and solves the problem immediately with little input from the other participants.

I support physicians in developing the communication skills needed to be an effective leader in the 21st century. I support leaders who have a vision and want to implement this using systems thinking and curiosity to help them develop the strategic planning skills needed to implement their vision in a way that is inclusive, where everyone collaborates in the implementation process to ensure success. I support physicians in building the relationship building skills necessary to be the most effective leader they can be.

Background and Experience:

I am a retired occupational therapist who understands healthcare both in the hospital system and its supporting community. I have worked in healthcare in industry, community and hospitals. I have facilitated and coached individuals and teams to support leadership and communication skills development in healthcare for the past 7 years. This program focused on leadership that creates a learning culture that is non-blaming.

I am currently writing a book on communication skills for the 21st century with my daughter, an executive coach in Los Angeles.

I have the Professional Certified Coach(PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation where I serve on the Internal Review Board (IRB) that deals with ethical complaints brought against coaches on a global basis.

Education and Credentials:

Occupational Therapist, (retired), MA Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University (2003), Certified Executive Coach, Royal Roads University (2003).
EQ in Action Profile Certification (emotional intelligence), Learning in Action Technologies, (2009).


www.Leaderphysician.com and www.mycoachingculture.com

Vancouver and Vernon BC, Canada
Phone: 604-351-0279