Judith C. Holder, PhD, MS, PCC, BCC

Judith C. Holder, PhD, MS, PCC, BCC


Dr. Judith Holder is the founder and executive director of Unique Pathways Coaching and Consulting Services, PLLC: Inspiring You to Be Your Best (www.uniquepathwayscoaching.com) in Durham, North Carolina. Her niche areas are executive, leadership, performance, communication and personal development for physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and corporate executives. Dr. Holder is an executive coach-psychologist who is versed in change management, leadership development, performance management, communication effectiveness, and in the competing stressors confronting medical and corporate cultures and workforces. Dr. Holder’s passion is to empower leaders, teams and organizations to maximize their potential. She uses her clinical and coaching skills to collaborate with leaders and managers in the people skills needed to lead effectively, and the psychosocial factors impacting employee sub-optimal performance and well-being. Further, Dr. Holder conceptual and designed a workshop training, after many decades of coaching and consulting with professionals, the P.A.C.E. Coach-Like Approach for leaders, managers, frontline supervisors and solo contributors who are interested in learning a simple yet effective approach to have a coach-like approach with employees and increase their interpersonal effectiveness.

Client and Business Focus:

Dr. Holder collaborates with leaders and managers in areas such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence competencies, effective communication, team dynamics, corporate culture, personal impact and stress resilience/management, work-life balance and self-care. Interpersonal effectiveness and public image are some of her areas of interest. Judith is particularly interested in supporting women and women of color moving into leadership roles within their work settings.

Dr. Holder believes that if newly- and seasoned- leaders are aware of their impact on others, and strive to improve their interpersonal and execution skills, the results are positive gains for the organization and the people they lead. In addition, Dr. Holder works with leaders who are in transition, such as professional women returning to work, pre-retirement contemplation, anticipated or unexpected career and lifestyle changes.

Judith works with your uniqueness and key success factors to support you in achieving your goals. She is perceptive to her clients’ needs and collaborative in working with them. Dr. Holder enjoys humor and exhibits a holistic, straightforward approach in her coaching and consulting engagements.

Background and Experience:

Dr. Holder is the founder and executive director of Unique Pathways Coaching and Consulting Services, PLLC in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Dr. Holder retired in 2019 after 24-years as full-time faculty at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC. Currently, Dr. Holder is an adjunct associate faculty member providing part-time services as the Duke Associate Director of Professional and Personal Academic Enhancements and an advisor in the Duke School of Medicine, Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Program. She is a member of the executive and admissions committee and designs customized interactive workshops as enhancements for graduate students enrolled in the MBS program. She also continues to provide executive coaching and career enhancement services for the Duke Urology KURe scholars sponsored by an NIH grant.

As the former director, psychologist and administrator at the Duke Occupational Mental Health Programs comprising the Duke Professional and Personal Development Program (Duke PPDP), the Duke Leadership Enhancement and Development (Duke LEAD) Services, and the Duke Employee Assistance Program (Duke EAP), Dr. Holder provided interactive lectures on leadership-enrichment topics such as, personal and professional development, personal risk and resilience, emotional intelligence competencies, conflict resolution, effective communication, and team and interdisciplinary team dynamics. She has lectured at the Duke School of Medicine Master of Clinical Leadership Program, Duke Johnson and Johnson Nursing Leadership Program, Duke Physician Assistant Program, Family Medicine Residency Program, and many other programs at Duke University Medical Center and local surrounding area.

In her coaching, facilitation and consultation activities, Dr. Holder partnered with executives and healthcare leaders, mid-level managers, and employees from diverse backgrounds and organizations such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, GlaxoSmithKline, Rex Hospital, Resolute Paper Company, UNC@MBA, Habitat for Humanity, City of Durham, IBM Global Well-Being, North Carolina Automobile Workers Inc., University of Pennsylvania’s African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network, California Medical Association, Western Health Care Leadership Academy, Temple Or School, Triangle Day School, American Association of Gifted Children Board, Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, Duke Diet and Fitness Center, and Duke University Medical Center (e.g., departments of Medicine (Cardiology, General Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology), Surgery, Neurology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Radiology, Urology, Anesthesiology, Community & Family Medicine, and Emergency), Duke Eye Center, Sanford School of Public Health, and the Duke School of Nursing. Prior to becoming faculty at Duke, Dr. Holder worked in community mental health, a youth program for adolescents, and an integrative preventive medicine health clinic as a behavioral health consultant.
As the founder and executive director of Unique Pathways Coaching and Consulting Services, PLLC, Dr. Holder integrates her wealth of knowledge and experience acquired over the decades to provide customized executive and professional coaching program packages for leaders and professionals which uniquely meets their needs (visit: www.uniquepathwayscoaching.com).

Education and Credentials:

Dr. Holder received a Doctorate of Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in stress management from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and a Masters of Systems Dynamics (Marriage and Family Therapy and Community Development-Prevention) from the University of Maryland-College Park. As a former American Psychological Association and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health fellow, Judith is one of the few psychologists clinically trained as an Occupational Health Psychologist in the United States. Further, Dr. Holder has specialized and in-depth coach training in personal, professional, executive, leadership, physician, communication, healthcare, business and team coaching.

Credentials and Assessments –

  • Board Certified Coach (BCC), Center for Credentialing & Education
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation™
  • Physician Development Coach, Physician Coaching Institute™
  • Certified Team Coach, Team Coaching International™ (TCI)
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence™ Coach, Founder Judith E. Glaser
  • Certified 360 Multi-Rater Assessor, PeopleMap™ Systems
  • Certified 360 Assessor, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Assessment Suites™
  • Certified Practitioner in 365 Tilt Leadership Predicator™
  • Certified MHS Individual and 360 Assessments, Multi-Health Systems online
  • Certified Trainer of Mediation & Managing Workplace Conflicts™
  • Certified Trainer, PeopleMap™ Systems
  • Personal Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Qualification Facilitator