Joe Borich III, JD, LLM

Joe Borich III, JD, LLM

Expert Overview

Joe Borich III, JD, LLM, has been a certified mediator, consulting and practicing attorney for over 30 years. He has a national practice located in Kansas City where he provides legal, consulting and business coaching services for the health care industry.

Client and Business Focus:

Throughout his legal and consulting career, Mr. Borich has worked extensively with the health care industry and has considerable litigation experience in health care related cases, including serving as the defense attorney in the nation's largest Medicare anti-kickback prosecution.

Mr. Borich is a national speaker having presented over 500 plus seminars in the medical/legal fields. His present coaching is focused on Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Coaching. His premier new program, "The Business of Medicine," which includes current 2010 revision in payment reimbursement, risk management, and government regulatory topics. He uses his experience, personality and knowledge to deliver a complete coaching experience at a time when the health care industry is the subject of dramatic changes.

Background and Experience:

Mr. Borich formerly worked for the Department of Justice and served as an Assistant Attorney General stationed in New York and Washington, D.C.


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