Jocelyn Edathil MD, PhD, FACP, CPXP

Jocelyn Edathil MD, PhD, FACP, CPXP


I am passionate about elevating my clients to their higher purpose and connecting them to their call both in their professional and personal lives.

Client and Coaching Focus:

Those who are looking for a breakthrough from the monotony of the material into the realm of the possible.

Background and Experience:

I am an Academic Hospitalist as well as serve as Chief Patient Experience Officer of Temple Health in Philadelphia. After completing my MD and PhD, as well as residency in internal medicine, I felt called to serve as a religious sister. After completing my training, I have been dedicated to serving the physical and spiritual needs of my patients and clients.

Education and Credentials:

After earning my undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Honors from Villanova University, I was admitted to and completed the MD/PhD dual degree program at Penn State University College of Medicine. Then, I went to Temple University Hospital for training in internal medicine. I have also trained in spiritual direction, hospital chaplaincy, and patient experience. I serve the community in Hospital Ethics and Diversity. I speak nationally and internationally on a variety of topics including patient experience, intercultural communication and spiritual growth. She enjoys travelling and being with young people

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