Jane Kalagher

Jane Kalagher

Expert Overview

Jane Kalagher founded Coaching Resources over fifteen years ago. An experienced coach and consultant, she focuses on fine-tuning leadership and communication skills that advance individual and organizational success. Jane offers perspective, structure, strategic support and accountability to help her clients achieve clarity, action and outstanding results.

Client and Business Focus:

Jane works with successful and motivated individuals who know they need to make changes in their career or business in order to achieve the level of income and work satisfaction they desire. But something is holding them back. She helps clients figure out what is getting in their way and how to move forward in powerful ways to create the results they want. Her knowledge and experience with pattern recognition has been a valuable tool to help clients identify blind spots that often interfere with optimal performance and outcomes.

Background and Experience:

Jane brings an extensive background in healthcare to her coaching business. As a nurse and therapist, her rich history working with interdisciplinary teams within hospitals and agencies gives her a unique understanding of how effective leadership can positively impact the performance of executives, teams and organizations. Over fifteen years in healthcare and over fifteen years with Coaching Resources, Jane has coached leaders in industries such as healthcare, high technology, publishing, finance and museums.

Education and Credentials:

Jane holds a BSN and MA. She received coach training from The Coaches Training Institute, San Raphael, CA. She is a Certified Physician Development Coach. Jane is also certified by The Assisi Institute, Brattleboro, VT as a pattern recognition analyst (CAPA). For over twenty years, she has studied patterns in nature and psyche. Her expertise in this area helps her clients to:

  • Interrupt blind spots that hold them back from business or career success.
  • Sharpen and strengthen patterns that do work well for her clients.

Jane is a member of ICF (International Coach Federation), ICF-NE, AAM (American Alliance of Museums) and CAM (California Association of Museums).

Jane has authored a series of leadership articles published in Patient Care Management. She published an article related to her work on pattern recognition in the book, The New Museum Community: Audiences, Challenges, Benefits.

Jane has given several presentations on pattern recognition at the California Association of Museums annual conferences in San Francisco, 2009 and Pasadena, 2011.

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”
– EB White