Christine Miller, MD

Christine Miller, MD

Expert Overview

Dr. Chris Miller is a Physician Development Coach believing that every physician has a purpose, every physician has a story, every physician has a dream.  In our present day milieu of economically driven health care, this story and purpose and dream have a challenging time flourishing. The present day medical system can limit creativity and intuitive skills. It can limit the ability to work compassionately and collaboratively and can obscure what it means to be a healer.   I believe the way of healing is different than the way of surviving in the medical environment. The way of healing involves a deeply personal and courageous commitment to uncertainty and to letting life unfold as it will.

Within the framework of my coaching, the client explores the transformative experiences of: self- worth, guidance by the wise self, living wholeheartedly, and faith in the existence of both internal and external abundant resources.This transformative experience also develops in the context of the relationship that unfolds between the coach and the coachee.  Strengthening these skills allows the physician to stay strongly committed to understanding and practicing the art of healing and learning how to ride the waves of a challenging medical system.

Client and Coaching Focus

For those physicians that want to dig deep into uncovering their own joy, fulfillment, and meaningful pursuit of: understanding the wise self, living wholeheartedly and living from a sense of self- worth and abundance. For those that want to learn to listen deeply to their own story, learn to listen carefully for their own voice; where the client’s dream, vision, and hunches become the path to discovery. For those that want to explore authentic presence: presence, first and foremost to themselves and secondly to bring authentic presence to those around them.

Background and Experience

Retired 10/2021 after practicing Internal Medicine for 34 years. Focus was on women’s health, preventative care, obesity, chronic pain, mood disorders, and addiction disorders.

Internal Coaching Program: Gundersen Health Center: 2019 to present.

Physician Coaching Institute Instructor Aid 2022 to present

Co-created and continue to facilitate a group coaching experience in resiliency for residents: 2019- present.

Medical Director Addiction Program: 1991 to 2010. (Established full continuum of care from detoxification to halfway house).

Developed and delivered a program on Mindfulness for Residents: 2019.

Co-led Mindfulness Courses for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants: 2018

Developed and delivered short ongoing sessions combining Mindfulness/Yoga/Meditation for health care staff during the work day.

Developed training program for residents teaching the skills of Bereavement Intervention at the time of death of their patient.

Developed Smoking Cessation Program and was one of the Champions of Going Smoke Free for the Organization.

Medical Leader of my work group of 12 Physicians for 2 years.

Adept at engagement and motivational counseling.

Education and Credentials

Certified through the Physician Coaching Institute: 5/2019

Board Certified in Internal Medicine: 1991

Board Certified in Addiction Medicine through ASAM

Completed 200-hour course in Yoga Teacher Training: Alignment Yoga, Madison, WI

Mindfulness/Meditation Training 2014-2015

Residency in Internal Medicine: Gundersen Health System: 1991

Medical Degree from University of Minnesota: 1987

BA in Nursing: St. Catherine’s University: 1975

Contact Information

Gundersen Health System
La Crosse, Wisconsin

Work email: cdmiller@
Personal email: prpllcrcll@