Deborah Munhoz, M.S., PCC

Deborah Munhoz, M.S., PCC


"Imagine a world where women physicians are encouraged and celebrated for their leadership roles."

Women physicians are increasingly called upon to lead change but frequently experience resistance. Why persist? Through leadership you gain influence – the ability to get more done with less conflict, serve more people, and motivate and inspire others to overcome challenges and reach their fullest potential.

Client and Business Focus

Women physicians involved in all types of health care, including hospital, private practice and insurance, C-suite, director, manager and team leadership levels are motivated to lead with more confidence. If you are a women physician dedicated to making an impact, you may be asking yourself:

  • Why have I not already moved forward on a leadership path?
  • How do I get started on a leadership path?
  • Who am I as a leader?
  • What strengths do I bring, and what areas would I need to develop?
  • Where can I make the biggest difference?

As a Certified Physician Development Coach™, creator of the CME program, The Leadership Intensive for Women Physicians, and founder of Pure Success Coaching, I specialize in working with women physicians on the cutting edge of change and innovation to help them be effective leaders.

Specific ways leadership coaching benefits physician leaders include:

  1. Find or deepen the meaning in your work,
  2. Convert emotions such as fear or stress into opportunity,
  3. Inspire and develop teams and co-workers ,
  4. Expand your personal time, energy and resources.

Services in addition to coaching include teaching, facilitation, speaking and leadership retreats.

Background and Experience

  1. Entrepreneur/owner of a successful start-up home infusion pharmacy and healthcare company. I provided leadership and development for an interdisciplinary team across the company’s three distinct operations.
  2. Faculty and Mentor Coach for Invite Change.
  3. Senior Leadership Coach, Right Management.
  4. Physician Wellness Coach for LCMS and MPMS Wellness Programs.
  5. Created women’s physician circles building local community and support.
  6. Design and deliver CME leadership programs for women physicians.

Education and Credentials

Master’s Degree, Health Administration, University of Oregon, 1984
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, University of Oregon, 1978
Professional Certified Coach, credentialed by the International Coach Federation, 2001
Physician Development Coach through the Physician Coaching Institute.

Recent Publications & Presentations

Keep Top Physicians on Your Team: Via Constructive Management of Conflict. Annual Meeting of American College of Physician Executives, 2014

Patient-centered approach boost adherence, retention. Medical Economics. Aug. 2011.

Leadership Development for Practicing Clinicians: Transforming Doctors into Physician Leaders. Annual Meeting of American College of Physician Executives, 2012.

Engage, Inspire, and Catalyze Change! How to Supercharge Meetings of Every Size. Annual Meeting of American Collage of Physician Executives, 2013.

A Coaching Approach to Business Communications. National Association for Quality Improvement.

Coaching for Accelerated Professional Development. American Society for Training and Development.

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Deborah Munhoz, M.S., PCC