Daniel Hayes, MD, MBA

Daniel Hayes, MD, MBA


I am a Certified Physician Development Coach. My clients are physicians and physician leaders with diverse goals. Many are either yearning for greater professional fulfillment or adjusting to a leadership role. Some want to refine their interactions with patients and colleagues. They all see the value of collaborating with a professional coach to reach their goals.

Client and Business Focus:

My clients are also high-functioning individuals—physicians with serious responsibilities. They face many of the challenges that I encountered in medicine: transition to a leadership role; difficult colleagues; dwindling autonomy and the intrusions of healthcare reform; excessive isolation; or balancing career, family, fitness, and personal health. Because they wish to prevail in the face of these challenges, my clients welcome another set of “eyes and ears” and my skills to keep them focused on their goals. In my role as your coach, I will be your sounding board and engage you in deep conversations that will clarify your values. We may explore opportunities to improve your leadership style. We will collaborate on your goals for greater professional fulfillment and an action plan to reach them that is consistent with your values. I will hold you accountable to this action plan.

Background and Experience:

My 30 years’ experience supporting others who are keen on personal development--early on as a psychiatrist and, after leaving medicine, as a Physician Development Coach—has refined my skills in promoting lasting change or transformation. But it was my work with highly-competent, overly-aggressive, time-urgent professionals who tended to measure their self-worth by their productivity that that got me interested in physician coaching. I was intrigued by finding that these professionals often need the support of someone with my skills. So this collaborative, transparent, non-judgmental, forward-moving process I use in physician coaching has been a perfect match for me.

Education and Credentials:

I have an Advanced Certification in Physician Development Coaching from the Physician Coaching Institute. I completed an MBA degree at Marylhurst University, a medical degree at the University of Utah, an internal medicine internship at the University of Pittsburg Health Sciences Center, and a residency in psychiatry at Oregon Health Sciences University. I am a member of the following organizations that promote standards of professionalism: Physician Coaching Institute, American College of Physician Executives, American Medical Writers’ Association, and the International Coach Federation.


Coach Dan Hayes