C.K. Hersh, MD, MBA

C.K. Hersh, MD, MBA


I am a fellowship trained and board certified hand surgeon who coaches other healthcare providers to communicate even more effectively with their patients. Through a defined framework and methodology clients have new clarity and focus to overcome past challenges with new ease and efficiency. Creating a healthcare game you can win.

Client and Business Focus:

I coach healthcare leaders and physicians to become more effective communicators and visionaries within healthcare. The healthcare arena is composed of many players and at the core of the arena is the doctor and the patient. I enable physicians to communicate with their patients even more successfully and to carry the concerns of their patients to the other players in the healthcare arena. For the healthcare leaders they will find new solutions to their current challenges.

Background and Experience:

I bring over 18 years of healthcare experience to my clients. I practice as a hand surgeon and director of a hand therapy program. I have received training in communication skills and have applied them to the healthcare arena. This communication program has been shared and well received by healthcare audiences. These skills will improve any practice and any healthcare environment.

Education and Credentials:

I received my Bachelor of Arts in economics and Masters in Business Administration degrees from the Duke University. I attended the University of Kansas medical school. My residency training was at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio and stayed to do a microvascular and hand fellowship. I taught orthopaedics and hand surgery at Portsmouth Naval Hospital. During this time I was involved in the business administration of a large orthopaedics department. I am a certified coach and am certified as a practitioner and master practitioner in nuerolinguisitic programming.

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