Bridget Cole-Williams, MD

Bridget Cole-Williams, MD

Expert Overview

My clients are physicians and other professionals struggling with stress, identity and the difficulties of being “the only” in workplace situations. They are seeking a better work/life balance and desire to soar with greater personal and professional confidence. It is through self-discovery that habits can be broken and significant changes can be made.

Client and Business Focus:

My clients are typically physicians and other professionals who feel they could do better at their jobs and their personal lives but tend to be struggling to find clarity regarding what is missing. They describe themselves as “the only” in their workplace or educational environment. Whether they are the only woman, minority, LBGTQ or simply different in thought. They struggle in believing they are good enough and that they earned their credentials on their own intelligence and hard work. My clients realize that the strong confident person they once were is shrinking and becoming less identifiable. I work with these amazing people to help them build awareness of themselves and their environment. I help them realize their strengths and rebuild their careers and passions. Together we move from surviving to thriving in the workplace and home. I use multiple measurement tools and skill sets assessing Imposter Syndrome, values assessment, Voice Dialogue and many more to help rebuild amazing bright, dedicated and strong clients so they recognize their potential and purpose again.



I am a board-certified family physician and a Certified Physician Development Coach. I have additional training in Voice Dialogue, Mindfulness exercises and Life coaching. I hold a bachelor of science degree in psychology from the University of Michigan and a medical degree from Michigan State University.
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Working as an established board-certified family and occupational physician for nearly 20 years, I have spent my career counseling and coaching patients and colleagues in one of the largest health systems in the country. My desire is to help others build awareness and a better life. I recognized that my best days as a doctor was when I worked with patients to help them regain their strength and change their lives to require less medication and better wellness. Personally, when I realized that many of my colleagues were living in stressed, insecure and in an unhappy place simply because they felt unseen in the workplace and did not believe in themselves anymore, I wanted to be apart of the change. I became a certified coach to help others.