Andrew Lawson, MD, FACEP, PCC, CPCC

Andrew Lawson, MD, FACEP, PCC, CPCC

Expert Overview

What are you looking for in your medical practice & your life? Decreasing reimbursements troubling you? EMR & CPOE driving you crazy? Frustrated by bureaucratic control & regulation? Burned out & tired? Desiring more personal time?
Are you in the middle of a lawsuit and looking for some guidance?

Why choose Dr. Lawson to coach you? He is a fellow physician who knows the current problems, struggles, and frustrations that only a 15-year veteran of a high volume, high-pressure regional trauma & medical center, emergency department can know. Combining his past experience with his present practice of medicine and coaching, he is uniquely qualified to coach you through any situation you might be facing.

Dr. Lawson has extensive experience & expertise in leadership development, fine tuning your skills, designing & implementing successful strategies, resilience from burn out, and lawsuit prevention, preparation, & recovery. Additionally, Dr. Lawson facilitates individuals and healthcare teams in conflict management & communication enhancements focusing on physician, staff, and patient satisfaction.

Background & Experience:

As a scholarship athlete at Stanford University, he was known as a team and community leader, spearheading drunk driving prevention program while winning 2 NCAA Water Polo National Championships, and as a McClellan Scholar and William C. Davis Prize winner, Dr. Lawson graduated with AOA honors in the top 15% of his medical school class while creating and founding several key medical school educational programs. As a resident, he founded the S.M.I.L.E. educational program and directed the Stadium Medicine Program.

Currently Dr. Lawson is 15-year veteran, partner and full time practicing Emergency Physician at the high volume Mission Hospital Regional Trauma & Medical Center. He has been recognized by his local medical society as a physician of excellence, and he is the acting Director of Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement for the Emergency Department at Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center. He is a member of the ethics committee, physician wellness committee, and Quality & Research Committee. He was founder of the nurse & physician liaison committee, creator of the curricula titled the Vital Signs of Healing & Physician/Nursing Huddles, and is actively involved in physician/Nursing/Staff coaching & training.

Dr. Lawson holds numerous coaching certifications, and he is an active physician and healthcare professional coach with special training & emphasis in physician coaching.
 Dr. Lawson is active in his community as a leader in men's growth and development, marriage mentoring and education, teaching courses on intimacy in marriage, as well as founder and author of several metaphysics curricula.

If you were to ask Dr. Lawson what his single greatest accomplishment & life experience has been and continues to be, he would immediately answer: His 20 years of marriage to the woman of his dreams, and his three kids. He would also share that a few of his unique attributes are lifelong learner, quirky/pug dog humor, and inspiration.

Education & Credentials:

Dr. Lawson is an Accredited Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation and is a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach which is recognized as one of the premier coaching certifications world-wide. He is also certified in the subspecialty of Physician Coaching by the Physician Training Institute, and he is a member of the Orange County Medical Association Physician Wellness Committee. He also holds certification in The Leadership Circle 360 assessment and Strengths Deployment Inventory assessments. Dr. Lawson received his Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from Stanford University, his Doctorate of Medicine from Jefferson Medical College, and his internship and residency training at Stanford University Hospital.

Contact Information:

Andrew Lawson, MD, FACEP, PCC, BCC, CPCC
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