Physician Coaching Institute Advisory Board

Physician Coaching Institute Advisory Board
2015 – 2018 PCI Advisory Board members:

Sandy Scott, MPA, CPCC, FACHE (Collaboration Call Leader)
Sandy Scott provides executive leadership development with a focus on physician leadership development. As a Co-Active Professional Certified Coach, she has provided over 3,500 hours of executive coaching with top organizations in healthcare and other industries. Her focus is in accelerating people’s capacity to reach their personal aspirations and professional ambitions.

Robb Hicks, MD (Collaboration Call Leader)
“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide
As a Certified Physician Development Coach, I help stressed out doctors have more free time, feel less stressed out and develop a better outlook for the future. My experience as both a licensed Physician for 25 + years, and an entrepreneur of two urgent care centers treating 30,000+ patients each year, means I know how you feel about not enough time and too much work.

Deborah Munhoz, M.S., PCC
Work vs. Life? When either/or just isn’t good enough.
As a leadership coach, I work with physician leaders who are being pulled in different directions to focus their priorities, so that their lifework- works for them. My approach is uniquely effective because I create a bridge between heart and action that upgrades leadership skills and produces real business results.

Joe Borich III, JD, LLM
Joe Borich III, JD, LLM, has been a certified mediator, consulting and practicing attorney for over 30 years. He has a national practice located in Kansas City where he provides legal, consulting and business coaching services for the health care industry.

Tracy Duberman, Ph.D., M.P.H.
For over 20 years, Tracy Duberman has been working in the field of leadership development, helping physician leaders and healthcare executives expand their leadership effectiveness and develop breakthrough strategies to meet the challenges of leading change in their organizations. Tracy’s coaching practice includes leaders at Fortune 100 companies as well as healthcare systems, which allows her to leverage her business coaching skills to healthcare leaders who are committed to enhancing their impact.

Jackie Huntly, MD, MPH
Thrive to Lead MD was created for physicians and non-physician professionals who are looking to develop and implement work/life strategies that optimize workplace performance and well-being. Thrive to Lead MD Coaching Services provide the encouragement, support and resources that are needed to harness and direct talents and energy in directions that create resilience, inspiration and success both in and outside of the workplace.

Susan Hahn, PCC
My clients seek positive change through developing stretch goals, success strategies and specific action steps. They are willing to move out of their comfort zones to explore new ways of behaving. They are investing in powerful forward movement in their work and personal lives.

Jane Thilo, MD, MS
Dr. Thilo, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist who practiced for over 17 years, transitioned out of clinical practice to start a firm that offers consulting, training, and executive coaching to both high tech and health care clients, including Fortune 100 companies. She is most passionate about leveraging her unique combination of clinical and business experience to coach physicians and other health care leaders who are committed to enhancing their effectiveness as leaders.

Daniel Lieberman
Daniel Lieberman helps physicians elevate their leadership, influence, satisfaction and results. He provides behavioral sciences perspective and skills to facilitate contexts where physicians and healthcare executives become more valued as leaders for their patients, partners and organizations. Daniel’s clients create contexts that deliver clarity, action and improved outcomes.

Catherine Lanteri, MD. FAPA
Dr. Lanteri is founder of Lanteri Coaching and Communication, a firm that provides coaching for physicians and health care executives who want to expanding their leadership role, as well as for physicians who are disheartened by today’s medicine environment and seek renewed optimism and fulfillment.

Paul Perez, PCC, CWPM
In Hebrew, Paul means “small” and Perez means “breakthrough.” True to my name, I specialize in helping individuals and organizations move from where they are to where they want to be. I do this by facilitating daily small breakthroughs for the professionals with whom I am fortunate enough to work. It’s who I am and who you’ll get when we work together.

Diane Whiting-Marince

Romeo Guzman

Vivian Perez Gonzalez

Heidi King