Dr. Tom thorsheim

Do you and your practice “walk the talk” when it comes to promoting wellness and life-balance? Shape your practice so that physicians, staff, and patients feel exceptionally valued, listened to, and respected. Create a smooth-running work environment in which you and your staff are energized, efficient and fulfilled.

As a licensed PhD psychologist and physician leadership coach, I help physician executives recharge and renew so they are inspired and primed to create stand-out, people-friendly medical practices. To be effective business people and healthcare leaders, it is essential for physicians to differentiate themselves from other service providers. Make your practice stand out in its level of individualized care and personalized interactions, starting the moment patients enter your office.

Education and Credentials:

PhD in Counseling Psychology (Educational Psychology)
MA in Program Evaluation (Educational Psychology)
With a depth of experience in psychological intervention, coaching, assessment, and program evaluation, I have the tools to guide you through all phases of coaching. The process: First, my clients and I collaborate on a carefully designed assessment to establish a coaching “roadmap” and strategic approach to leadership development. After a path is charted, I enthusiastically help my clients pursue the growth and changes they seek, helping them remove obstacles to growth, while building upon their inherent strengths.

My Ideal Client:

Physicians and physician leaders who seek personal and professional growth or those who are seeking to develop a staff that is optimally healthy, inspired, and engaged.

Contact information:

Dr. Thomas Thorsheim
Tel: 864-421-0098
Fax: 864-421-0099
Email: thorsheimt@gmail.com
Web: clarityforwellness.com

Greenville, SC

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