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Keith is an ICF certified coach as well as a physician partner in Midwest Occupational Medicine. Prior to private practice he was an Emergency Medicine physician for ten years, and was the director of three E.D.’s during that time. In addition to his medical practice, Keith has done coaching/consulting for eight years, and for the past six has worked as an independent contractor for the London Business School facilitating small group work with top executives from Nestle as well as the Royal Bank of Scotland. He has worked in a variety of industries, from healthcare to manufacturing plants. In December 2010, Keith completed an M.A. in Organization Development.

Keith is married to Danica Byler, a psychotherapist and certified Gottman relationship therapist. They live on a small farm in southern Illinois about 30 miles from St. Louis and enjoy gardening, astronomy, and taking care of their 15 chickens, three dogs, and two turtles. Keith is also a published poet and is on the board of the St. Louis Poetry Center, the oldest poetry center of its kind west of the Mississippi.

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