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My name is Kathryn (Katie) Schneider. I grew up in Boise, Idaho with 2 strong, empowering parents and a brother two years younger then me with a great spirit for life. We always grew up talking through our problems and continue to do so today. I learned from them the value of a strong support system with positive reinforcements and thoughtful questioning. My father specifically has modeled this in his life and his career as a family physician. It quickly became clear that friends, patients, and clients sought him out for his open perspective. I’ve been able to first hand see the value of this relationship and have grown to seek it with others.

After graduating high school I moved to the Midwest where I attended college, and subsequently to the east coast for medical school. I completed a residency in Family Medicine back in my hometown of Boise, Idaho and have been lucky enough to pursue the career opportunities I’ve been most interested in since. This has included practicing medicine in small communities, working as a hospitalist, as well and a family physician in the clinic. I feel very honored to be able to have a role in patient’s lives.

What I’ve learned personally and saw with my colleagues what just how hard medicine has become. To me this is less from the clinical aspect and more from a logistical and practical aspect. What helped me through this process was speaking with people to help myself gain a better understanding of how to successfully navigate my role as a clinician moving forward. Reflecting on what’s most important in my life, which goes back to the strong values of my family as communicators, I realized that other people would benefit from improving their practice as well. I feel strongly and passionately that I could help my colleagues with this and I’m looking forward to gaining a broader skill set to help me with this through the Physician Coaching Institute.

I am married to a wonderful man who is incredibly supportive. Together we enjoy many outdoor activities and are always looking forward to our next adventure.

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