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I am in the midst of a career change from Radiologist to Executive Physician Coach. A decade of service as an Emergency Room radiologist for multiple states and numerous hospitals made me question if I were truly making a difference, and if not, to challenge myself as to how am I to better serve.

Then I discovered Coaching.

I have completed a six-month course through Mentor Coach with additional Health and Wellness Master classes. Having experienced Burnout myself, I recognize the need to advocate and elucidate a healthy set of countermeasures so that physicians can thrive despite adversity.

Realizing that strategies for personal wellbeing are never taught at the graduate level, I would like to establish a program for medical resident education to prevent this problem. I would also like to assist practicing physicians in overcoming Burnout so that they may flourish.

Outside of medicine, I have been married twenty-three years to a very understanding physician and continue to home school my son.

The reminder of my time is occupied by martial arts and studying holistic medicine.

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