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“There are so many passions that drive what I do – there are so many reasons why I feel my destiny is to serve others; in the end, life is too short and if I can help one person manage life to live it to the fullest, then I’ve done my job.”

Dr. Foster Exposé, Jr. is an industrial/organizational psychologist who specializes in leadership coaching and change management. Because of his accomplished track record of working with senior executives, he has been counted in the top 10% of the I/O psychology field. He is one of the organizational psychologists who have developed a leadership development program for physicians that include a coaching model. Dr. Exposé currently serves as advisor to fifteen executives and ten physician executives in the areas of change management, team dynamics, and coaching.

Over the last decade, Dr. Exposé has coached over fifty executives, delivered 3000 hours of leadership development, consulted on change management initiatives, and educated leaders on change management processes. In 2012, he began a private life coaching practice that focused on life change. He has taken the skill of business change management and applied it to helping clients manage change in their life. This highly customized approach to helping clients has proven success for individuals who seek his expertise.

Client and Business Focus

My ideal clients are physicians who are transforming into leadership roles with aspirations to lead clinical teams that deliver high quality patient care. Often times, during this transformation process, physician may face the challenge of thinking as physician leader vs physician clinician. They are now faced with having to think organizationally versus independent. With this change, there are specific skills required to be successful.

Physician Leadership Skills:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change Management
  • Coaching Performance
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Communication
  • Strategic Planning

Newly appointed physician leaders who seek my coaching services, are seeking to build their leadership capabilities in order to be successful in their role. My coaching clients are given the white glove treatment in every session and are treated with the highest respect. In my coaching practice, I go the extra mile to help my clients reach their aspired goals.

Background and Experience

I am an organizational psychologist who has built two successful leadership programs. One of these programs was specifically for physician leaders. As a practicing organizational psychologist for 11 years, I bring my strong knowledge of the human perspective to business when coaching leaders. With my certification in physician coaching, I have a deeper understanding of the physician world and my years of working side by side with physician executives ads to the coaching experience.

Education and Credentials

PhD in Psychology obtained from Capella University in 2012; Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and dual Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Sociology from University of Houston-Clear Lake; Certified Mediator


Foster Exposé, Jr., PhD
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