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Dr. A. Rakesh Sarma is trained in Integrative Medicine and Internal Medicine and has always held a deep interest in caregiver wellbeing and self-awareness. His focus is providing coaching through the use of personality assessments systems, creating intention statements, and mindfulness, inspiration, and mind-body awareness techniques which can be useful in mirroring personal obstacles and beliefs that act counter to one’s intentions and goals. Through the study of different health paradigms and self-knowledge disciplines, he found the most efficacy in helping others work on their own inspiration and dedication to find success in their aspirations. By using these techniques as a means of identifying obstacles to fulfillment – he helps physicians recognize their real values as opposed to conditioned values, and subsequently helps them remember to live from those values.

Client and Business Focus:

Dr. Sarma collaborates with physicians by helping inquire into where exactly they are in their journey in medicine – is a transition called for? Is burnout occurring such that there does not seem to be any other way out, and yet the medical path has already been chosen? Are my skills as a physician incomplete – i.e., do I lack the necessary communicative and empathic dimension to complement my technical proficiency? Has a bad outcome caused me difficulty to practice and how do I regain my focus and my confidence? How do I find fulfillment in employed physician model versus a self-employed model?

These and more questions all face physicians. While medical school and subsequent training focused on the teaching of the technical aspects of medicine, the art of medicine – who I am as a physician – is often lost in that training and beyond. The humanism of physicians can be forgotten in the bustle of multiple patients, procedures, and paperworks. Dr. Sarma’s approach is that being coached can be a useful way of re-collecting ourselves and priorities in the midst of our respective practices.

Background and Experience:

Dr. Sarma created his own business, Organic Holistic Modalities – a name symbolizing the utilization of different mind-body modalities and meditative inquiry techniques. Through this, he developed an in-the-moment mindful coaching style also tailored programs for clients to help reinvigorate and nourish their inspiration to the development of a personal self-satisfying dedication to whatever outcome and intention they seek to be coached in. For some, this would be traversing and transitioning through burnout; for others, helping themselves find success and fulfillment in career transition or expansion. For others, it may be simply finding a meditative and mindfulness practice that works for them in accordance with their needs and relationship to spirituality.

Education and Credentials:

Dr. Sarma received his MD from American University of the Caribbean in St. Maarten, and finished his Internal Medicine Residency in Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. He subsequently completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

Through his Integrative Medicine Fellowship, he was introduced and trained in Motivational Interviewing as well as learning the importance of Caring for the Caregiver. Dr. Sarma also several years studying the Diamond Approach utilizing meditative inquiry with others as a means of eliciting better self-understanding. He also trained in the Somatic Experiencing technique which has been utilized amongst psychologists, therapists, and even bodyworkers for trauma resolution and release. He has a personal practice of meditation and classical Isha yoga for which he has spent many years in personal discovery.

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